About us

GrainGrowers is a national grain representative organisation. We have around 17,000 grower members across Australia. We work to build a more efficient, sustainable and profitable grain production sector. Our key pillars are policy and research, alongside leadership and events that are designed to build on the knowledge and capability of our growers. Our growers are at the heart of all that we do and the focus of our work. Learn more about us at graingrowers.com.au.

Steering committee

This group meets regularly is overseeing the operational aspects of the project. This comprises:

  • GRDC – Justin Crosby and Lucy Broad
  • GPA – Maddison McNeil and Tanya Pittard
  • GTA – Rosemary Richards
  • AEGIC – Nicole Kerr
  • NFF – Warwick Ragg
  • GrainGrowers – David McKeon and Fiona McCredie
  • GrainGrowers National Policy Group representative- Cam Parker